Pod Squad Detective Box Review

Hey fellas
Today I am gonna introduce Pod squad box to you. I had certainly heard a lot about it and finally got a chance to experience it..I think it’s one of the best ways to deviate children from the usual TV and mobiles and get involved in some actual mental and logical play.
I received the Detective Box, pod squad has some amazing themes to choose from.



There were some exciting games packed within the laser game, the finger print Game, a cute book of pod detective and lots of pods too.





No doubt the packing is amazing with all the tools that you might need for the game and it can be easily stored back in the box, it’s very travel friendly to engage the kids on the go. I loved the origami froggy which Adi took to school for show and tell.
Pod Squad is based on multiple intelligence theory which believes every child is unique and understands world on his own way. If a learning is made fun and enriched with skills then they can grow to be confident individuals.


Pod Squad aims to give the child exposure to the 9 smarts mentioned above in a fun and engaging way, kudos to the team of educationists, writes and designers creating the content.
Do get a Pod Squad box to try for yourself and give your child the unique learning experience.


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