You understand me Son!!

It was a Saturday morning, when others were still sleeping cozily tucked in. I was already in kitchen, cooking and packing lunch, yes!! packing lunch on a Saturday, I had to leave for a training class. But it was the post Vardhah Saturday and the electricity was not restored yet, so no internet access, off and on mobile network, but with all this I still had not given up but when Adi got up and started crying, I requested my hubby if he would take care of him but he denied and said that, without electricity he would not be able to manage him and so there was no other go then dropping the training program that day. But then my phone rang and a friend told she would pick me up so transport was sorted and so I didn’t give up, I sat down and told Adi “bubba, mummy has training class today would you like to come with mummy,you can sit and color, read books and play with cars too”.Adi didn’t hesitate and got ready to come along.

I prayed to God while entering the class and just wished that he co-operates for the class. Adi sat next to me, ate, played, read books now and then got restless but it he didn’t disturb nor he got very conscious with the presence of others and generally he does get very uncomfortable in presence of strangers. He ate and sometimes listened to class and kept finding ways to engage himself till the end of the class. At class everybody was surprised how he remained quiet throughout. On my way home as Adi dozed off in my lap, I silently wiped my tears as I realized how in life sometimes a big adult refuses to accept problems and find solutions but a small child can understand help in their best way. I kissed Adi several times and hugged him tight. There have been many such moments like that where Adi has so easily co-operated and helped me deal with difficult situations.. This was a #MagicOfWarmth moment for me. I feel happy that Adi completes me so perfectly, he knows his mum and in a very unknowing way just makes it very easy for me, and the best part is he doesn’t expect anything in return may be more of mums love and therefore there can never be anything more innocent and pure than a child’s love. Why a women works or why a women’s work should be given the same priority as men’s is something that an adult might not understand or even if they understand they refuse to provide any aid but for a child it’s no different.

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil


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