The Saree Saga….

I would open my eyes in my bed..

And see her twisting and twirling in the 9 yard saree…

She would wear it and match it with her black coat and the tie..

The simple patterns on her sari. Used to tell so much about her personality..

The simplicity, the elegance of the sari and her style reflected on each other..

The choice of sari tells a lot about the person….yes people definitely make an impression on the way they dress. Handloom sarees have always left me mesmerized with their delicate threads and the look they offer to a person. The more intricate the sari looks, definitely that amount of work has gone into making one such piece which is just not a 9 yard cloth but tells a story of its own. I have grown up watching my mom wearing different kinds of banarasi, silks, cotton, khadi and what not and I always had a desire to send my mom some beautiful and rare pieces of handloom sarees when I grow up. This promise that I made to myself, I didn’t let it go, whenever something traditional and rare catches my eyes I make sure that it goes to my mum’s collection. Recently I stumbled up Jharonka (,I knew we would connect when the seller shares the same passion as the buyer definitely that relation is stronger. Jharonka brings to us the passion and the stories of the weavers and they connect us to the tunes of the threads played by the weavers. I believe a sari is not less than a jewelry for a sari lover like my mom, and clothes they just don’t cover us, they give us our identity and in a way defines our choices. They provide a wide range of choices for sari lovers from Banarasi ( ) to chanderi (Chanderi Sarees: ), Pochampali to Bengal and so on, they have covered almost all states under just one roof. For occasions like wedding(Kanjivaram sarees:, casual and party and they have fabrics from cotton to silk and from pattu ( to khadi. But my heart always falls for the khadi collection, I visualize my mom in the drapes and that calmness on her face. I always relate saree’s with my mom and Jharonka is the window to the exquisite choices, to which I keep going again and again.


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