Why do you mind being divided..

The school separates you, boys in one line and girls make another line. The temples says the woman can form a separate line. The railway station says women can stand separately for tickets, The division starts right after birth when the baby girl is wrapped in pink and the baby boy in blue after birth. Well!! then if it’s a generalised thing to be and that’s how are we are supposed to be then why at all we need to spend our lives together.
Why a life woman imagines has to be with a guy, why she has to settle for less. Why is a girl brought up listening that later in life she will be controlled by the whims of a man and she will be expected to obey. Why a mother never tells her child that you need not tolerate, you can walk off if need arises. Are we all here to live our life together just because that’s what the society accepts. A mother often tell her daughter, see how dad and I have come along so far. We women need to put up with lots of thing in our life otherwise the family breaks why this burden is mostly on women to keep the family united. This is what a mom lays for her daughter and thinks that’s the best decision for her to stay together.
Most of it makes sense because in India still many women is unemployed or has taken a back seat after marriage for the family and the child and she is also convinced that her husband’s money is her money so she sits relaxed in her house and if by chance an unwanted situation comes in real life she is left with no other choice than to stick with her relationship.
I think schools, railway stations and temples have always been making the right choices for us.


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