Who will decide what you want to make of your life?

My dad used to say “you have to become a doctor because that’s a dream I saw for myself and it didn’t happen so you have to fulfill my dream”
So slowly the whole family believed that  that it was the only option for me and neither of them waited to see what talents I possessed and what is best for me. Did I become a doctor? No ..I did not and though I continued my studies in the similar field eventually I lost interest and nothing in that field could pull me back.so basically so many years of my life wasted.
These days movies are bringing out the very Indian parents expectations from their children. If you have seen Tamasha probably you know what I am taking about. Children grow up to becomes slaves of their parents dreams and they reach nowhere carrying that load.
Only if our parents would give us the time to understand what we need, what do we enjoy doing and what would be apt for whole of our lives. I have seen so many people around me still struggling to know what they like, they haven’t figured out yet.  Most of the time we start liking what job we are into eventually, sometimes we keep struggling to fit in. I on the contrary realised I was made more for the creative field where I can keep exploring my inner side. But definitely it’s too late to polish my skills.
Parents somehow always tend to believe that they have seen the World more and hence they can plan our future better but only if they could let go and let their children take the such decisions. If you have known some stubborn kids who were very adamant and they believed in themselves and their dreams, if you look at most of them they have achieved what they aimed.

Dont tell me what to do
Set me free..let me be..
I will take the right path eventually..
I will stumble but I will learn..
Let be take my lessons myself..
Don’t tell me what to do
Set me free..let me be..


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