With potty comes patience!!

Not a post that you would like to read early in the morning but may be you can save it for later.
These days I have been really trying hard to get Adi on the potty seat and the struggle has not been easy at all. I have definitely avoided this from a very long time and I think it’s high time he started using the seat. So the struggle is on,
I showed him couple of videos,didnt work.
Forcing never works anyways.
Now I make him sit while he plays with his  kitchen set, So I have to make a table setup such that he can fidget with his toys and I play music as well while he is seated.
I have potty stories sometimes it works.
But most of the times he never wants to sit in the seat.
I have almost changed three potty seats by now and finally the first one is what he prefers to use.
One day he told me “you are bad”, you make me sit here. (Ok! Everyday he tells me)
Well!! The first lesson and the last lesson is to have patience. Patience will pay both for me and him. As much as he hates sitting in one place and I standing and staring.

P.SPlease don’t ask me to read a book on potty training.


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