You a good girl??

Timmi is a small girl with vivid imagination and her world revolves around her mom, mausi and her own created characters. Sometimes she thinks she is a king and dresses like one until one day she really gets upset when in drawing class she draws her house and all her family members and her favourite people in the world and the teacher overlooks and appreciates another child who had all the stick figures in her drawing called father,mother and brother. The next class also talks about a good girl having brother and father in the family and going to beach together. Timmi gets upset and comes back home thinking if not having a brother and father makes her not a “good girl”.


She redraws everything and mom sees her drawing and calls her “a very good girl” Timmi jumps with joy.

We as adults do many things unknowingly and a small thing as calling somebody good over someone  can hurt a child’s emotions. Specially teachers have a bigger responsibility as we witness children from such diverse backgrounds and definitely there should be no judgements when it comes to the Creativity of a child.

This is a small read and sends a big message to all the adults in the society who knowingly or unknowingly might judge a child because of his or her diverse background.


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