Find That Man!!!

He asked you your hand and you gave it..He promised you he will take care of you for the rest of your life and you believed it..

But time never remains same..things change and now you are in a position you cannot recognise yourself regret the day you gave in everything for him…

You thought life will be forever hand in hand and same song in the heart ..but things are no longer same, they have changed. You hardly talk, you hate to be together, sharing the same bed.

God! What did you do to yourself, you have no friends, you have given up your job. Your life stands there staring at you…Now what??

You hardly talk to your mom, it was all good as long as you were cooing in love, you let him decide your friends, you let him give opinions on your relationships and relatives but now everyone one is gone.

Your life was so occupied, you never met people outside and now you can’t stand that loneliness anymore..

You hate all the luxury you are surrounded with..

You took the love over everything, you let him choose what you need and now you no more know what you want.

That man chose to drive you and you never learnt to drive and now you cannot go out without him.

That man chose to pay for your shopping and you never learnt to earn for yourself.

But now can’t even talk to him and you can’t ask are helpless so helpless.

Man should empower you not make you dependent. Man should help you to find who you are not turn you into something. He should love you and accept your differences, he should not change you for his comfort. He should not make you representable, he should be proud of you the way you are. 

 Find that man!!

I had originally written this article for mycity4kids



  1. Priyanka, why should the man empower a woman? You must empower yourself. You are as strong, capable and confident as he. When you start respecting and loving yourself, you will not care what he does, you will be happy in yourself. Dependency is usually a sign of acute approval seeking. For everything, one needs approval. She wants to fit. She thinks she is doing everything for him – but truth is she is just trying to please him – as for him, he takes her for granted and soon, will lose interest in her, because she doesn’t excite him anymore.
    Love yourself. The one who will truly love you will come by. For sure.


    • Yeah..I totally understand what you are saying but you know sometimes the conditions are worse, men- they tell you they want to take care of you and that they want you to be a princess I just hope instead they would have said..I will be with you like in your decisions and whatever steps you take in your life..instead of deciding for the women.

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      • Priyanka, I have learnt just one thing in life… People do to you only what you allow them to do. They may make a thousand promises but they are only words until proven. I promised myself that I will be responsible for my own happiness, luxuries and joys. Everything. Period. If someone comes, I will welcome and be a 50% partner. If not, I will learn how to be happy. That is the secret of not giving power to other people. 🙂


      • Yeah are right!! But sometimes things are no more in your have values but they start slipping from your hand and then you are in a situation you find yourself stuck, you have already given the control and easier said than done but it becomes very difficult to come out of that.


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