What’s gonna be tomorrow..

When the morning is dimmed with clouds..
The birds feel happy as there is a relief from the excessive heat..
It’s a Sunday so you have your filter coffee in your hand..
No big plans of cooking so you are already cuddling with a book..
The best part is the next day is a holiday and so heart is not racing..in anticipation of the next day..
That means in life how much happy we are the future always bothers..
As human beings we always like to be sorted..we want to know how will things happen in future ..is it all planned..
The moment you can’t visualise..it starts bothering you..puts you in a stress..or is the personality of people for seeking security in life..

#life #future #relaxedday #humannature #sortedpeople #planningfuture #words #poetry #writer #wordslove

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