Sita’s Ramayana: Book Review

Why Sita was not trusted? Rama made all efforts to defeat Ravana but because he was a warrior and he had save his ego, but for Sita it was her love for Rama that kept her waiting under the tree.


She could have enjoyed the benefits of the Lankan kingdom, she could have been a Maharani but she chose to stay away from all the luxury.
I respect Ravana for keeping to his words and not touching Sita unless she gave up.
But what about Rama, how he could not trust Sita, what kept him so adamant and then later he not only didn’t trust Sita’s love for him but also betrayed her by sending her to forest with his brother when she was pregnant.


And we call him maryada purushottam.
What heart he had to send Sita alone in the woods when she was pregnant.


This made Sita turn into a strong women and a self independent mother, she was able to do the best for her kids and they came up us excellent warriors.


A women is dependent as long as she believes she is

Ramayana with Sita’s perspective to know her side of the story better. The illustrations in the book is beautiful and anyone can read it.


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