Ma ..don’t tell me to..

Ma don’t teach me to cook just BecauseI will be married one day and I HAVE to cook for my husband ..teach me to because..I should know how to cook my own food..

Ma don’t tell me where will you go alone at this time? girls dont go out after 7pm at night. Tell me that go out and take care of your self, teach me to take of myself.

Ma don’t tell “you are a girl you should do your own work and your brothers can afford to watch TV” instead you say everyone should do their own work.., the gender doesn’t define roles in the society.

Ma..don’t collect jewelleries for me and tell I am keeping for your marriage instead wear the jewelleries you bought and you don’t have to keep things for my marriage, marriage is not like taking all the money and depositing in the in-laws account.

Ma don’t tell me after marriage all your “post marriage problems are yours and you should not come” instead tell me that I should not give anybody the licence to hurt me nor anyone has the right to disrespect me..give me the confidence that you are always there for me..

Ma..don’t tell daddy or brother to drive me to college/work everyday, teach me to drive otherwise I will just continue to be dependent on somebody, liberate me. 

Ma don’t tell ,”I will find you a very good boy,who will keep you happy and wealthy ” instead tell me wherever you are or wherever you go …learn to make your own living and happiness.

Ma don’t tell me see your friend how nicely she dresses and maintains herself and look at shabby you like..instead tell me to be myself and be teach me to be very proud of what i have.

Ma..never tell you are a girl, one day you have to go..that really hurts ..tell me I am a part of you…and my home is where you live.

I had written this article originally for my city for kids


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