Why some children cry so much?

As a mom I should have been used to crying baby by now but somehow, I can’t stand children crying.
Ofcourse children need to show their emotion by crying but some of them just cry for anything that doesn’t go there way. I don’t know if it’s security issues or just in the personality and they wean off as they grow. I also found out that some of the parents who are very strict, their children are more cranky. Is it something do with how the parents are Bringing the children sometimes extreme pampering and sometimes too strict.
Every parent has a different way of bringing their children and no body is wrong. I just wonder why some children cry so much and parents are also tired and embarrassed when it happens almost all the time.
Even among their friends the children might feel weak and shed their tears even for small issues or if the children scolds, I think giving more independence and making the child confident about his decisions might help. Let them not depend on parents and elders for everything neither they should be scolded and warned for each and everything.


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