manto on Ismat

Meet one of my favourite Author
Ismat Chugtai
This is what manto had said about Ismat
I can so much relate to her character as defined my manto
Ismat’s pen and tongue both run fast. When she starts writing, her
ideas race ahead and the words can’t catch up with them. When she
speaks, her words seem to tumble over one another. If she would enter
the kitchen to demonstrate her culinary skill everything would be in a
mess. Being hasty by nature, she would conjure up the baked roti in her
mind even before she had finished kneading the dough; the potatoes
wouldn’t be peeled yet even though she had already finished making the
curry in her imagination. I feel sometimes she may just go into the
kitchen and come out again after getting satiated in her imagination.
However, contrary to this haste, I have seen her perfectly relaxed when
stitching clothing for her baby daughter. She may commit spelling mis-
takes while writing but her needle does not shake even a bit while stitch-
ing. Each stitch in its own place without any loose ends anywhere!
Ismat writes in “Uff, Ye Bachchey” (Oh! These Children!)


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