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“They say you understand the value of something when it is not there and the moment you get it you lose the value of it.”

How many times your water would have run out in the morning and you would have managed your work desperately but once you get the water, its value is no more in your life. Water no doubt is the most essential thing in our lives, some of us our lucky be to in a geographical location where we have access to water easily. In some countries and villages, especially in India you have to travel miles to get water for drinking purposes. The water level has gone down so much due to construction of towns and apartments, factories and companies that apartments are getting the necessary water with the help of water supply trucks etc. We are paying any amount they want because trust me we can stay without the expensive designer dress locked up in the cupboard but we cannot live without water which is an absolute necessity to live our lives.

But then again, upper class people can easily afford the water and they will be last the ones to experience the value of water. Water is used lavishly when we turn on the water hoses of their garden for hours together, when we have non- stop showers, when we run washing machines and dishwashers etc. Dish washers and washing machines wastes lot of water if you have noticed, when we dump wastes on the beach or when we are too lazy to segregated our waste and all the liquid from wastes go the lakes and streams and pollute it, causing harm to fishes and birds whose life depend on those water bodies.

Life on earth is possible because of the presence of water and the continuous depletion of water tells us that it’s not gonna be easy for humans and animals. You must be wondering that when 70% of earth is covered with water then how can we have problems but not all the water is usable, we can use only the fresh water which is mere 2.5 % as of now the rest is saline water and cannot be used. In the 2.5% of fresh water half of it is trapped in glaciers and mountains thus 1 % or so available to feed the population of 6.8 billion people and yes please don’t forget the animals. According to UN by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth, and climate change. That really sounds scary and we have already seen the war for water has already started between few states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

So now the big question how can we conserve water:

Little things that we can do at home or wherever go:

  • Whenever filling up water take care will you need that much water. Like if you are returning from school to home or from office to home you won’t need a full bottle considering you will anyways come home and waste the leftover water.
  • Try using the traditional method of bucket and mug to take bath so that you can monitor how much water you are using.
  • Whenever fewer vessels are there to wash you can hand wash them instead of running the dish washer which will waste a lot of water actually.
  • Instead of using hose in the garden, again bucket and mug is a good idea.
  • Left over water can be recycled for plants instead of just throwing them down in the sink.
  • It’s very important to talk to your children and family members regarding the importance of water from time to time and to set an example before them.
  • Lastly, we need to be deliberate in our practices.


We can all we water conservationist in our little ways and we should not shy away from whatever small change we can bring to make earth a better place.
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    Appreciate your write up on water scarcity – good data collection and facts…

    I believe I have some good solutions to save water..

    Check category – water on my site…

    Your feedback matters.

    Your Well Wisher Program

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