Preparing for exams abroad?

I remember going through the hassles of applying abroad for my higher studies and seeing the money and the requirements to give the English test wasn’t easy. That frustration literally demotivated me to go forward with my application finally. There were selected English language tests available at that time and it wasn’t user friendly for sure.

The most important reason to study a language is that it’s a small world, its getting smaller each day, the internet, multinational companies, opportunities is all leaded to globalization.

Knowing English opens opportunities — most of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries. By understanding English, you’ll be able to learn more through media (movies, radio, etc.), books, and the internet. Lastly, having English language skills provides a competitive edge and broadened employment prospects. English is no doubt the most popular language and widely spoken.

Most importantly students who are planning to study abroad it’s a good idea if they learn the language in their native country before they leave as when they travel abroad anyways they would end up spending more to learn English in a foreign country. The British had colonized several countries and they made sure that only the elite spoke in English as English was still not taught in English, if you belong to a rich and affluent family definitely English was your language, and when British left the only language left to communicate between the different countries was English and hence easily learnt and adapted pushing the native language in many countries. Definitely all of us want to belong and English is that survival toast that everybody wants to nibble on.

Before we apply to universities we need to find a trustworthy English test examinations and Pearson’s has been doing just that by giving the students a platform not only to take the English test but also to prepare well.

Why Pearson stands out:

1. The results you get is faster and hence you need to waste time waiting for the English score.

2. It is computer automated test and results so there is no chance of mixing up the scores.

3. It provides secure and accredited test results.

4. It is flexible and an be taken across the years.

5. The best part is the scores are accepted across the world by different colleges and universities.

To register is really easy;

1. Register

2. Prepare for exams

3. Appear for exams

4. Get the scores and send them.

Applying to universities abroad couldn’t get easier, could it?

Check here for more details:

Some of the universities that accept Pearson scores are:


Columbia University (Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science)
The University of New Orleans (Graduate)
Johnson State College
Nova Southeastern University
State University of New York at Geneseo (Undergraduate)

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Queen’s University
New Zealand:

University of Canterbury;
Unitec Institute of Technology;
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

London School of Economics

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