North Indian Thali vs South Indian Thali


It’s been long since I wrote, I kind of stopped writing because I felt people have stopped reading but then again I felt writing again today.

So, today marks the last day of the year 2018 and I was like ek blog toh banta hai. Today we went out for lunch in Sangeetha Veg restaurant, not that I prefer going to vegetarian restaurant (mind it, I come from a family where people don’t even talk about eggs) So, then lets continue, We went to vegetarian restaurant because my in-laws insisted.

I don’t know if you feel this but when I go to restaurants the biggest dilemma is fuc**** ordering the dish. But today, it was not a problem at all. My hubby ordered two south Indian thali’s and two north Indian thali’s. No brownie points for guessing that the North India thali was ordered for me. You know after a point of time people just assume that you will eat and like only North Indian Food.

Now the disadvantages of ordering North Indian food in South Indian restaurants:

  1. The North Indian food comes almost an hour after the south Indian food.
  2. The number of varieties in North Indian thali is way less than the south Indian thali. for eg.  in South Indian thali you have rice, rasam, sambar, kootu, chatni, podi, poriyal, aplam, chapathi, curd,payasam( sorry, payasam was over so we were served mysuru pak) and North Indian Thali served naan/kulcha( both tasted same), panner, 2 types of dal ( both tasted same), fried rice ( which tasted like a recipe failure) papad, rosogulla and a choice of ice-cream or lassi.( yes, I took lassi. (don’t judge me!!))
  3.  You start eating late as your food is served late and later people stare at you because they would have finished their heavy south Indian meal and they must be so looking for a nap.

I am sure now you know what to order in a south Indian restaurant. I won’t write more on this because typing North Indian Thali and South Indian Thali takes too much time.

See you,



Please note: The above pic is taken by me and own this completely

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