He and she ..- chapter 2

He ..

She walked in the room barefoot with pink nail paint on her toenails, as he kept typing vigorously on the keyboard. He was too tired to turn back and see when she handed him a cup of coffee and kept her’s on the table. She slided herself on the table moving some of his file with her left hand. He noticed her braclete with so many charms on them and the soft jingling sound they made. She was wearing his white shirt that he had worn this morning, it covered her knees but as she sat on the table crossing her legs it exposed her knees and little of her thighs. She was dangling her legs and he could hear her anklets tingling as she moved her legs forward and backward. She sat silently sipping her coffee, looking at his screen which was filled with numbers and graphs. He felt the deep urge to close his laptop screen and carry her to bed when he heard the door opening and his wife asking him to come and sleep. He wiped his eyes and saw the time, it was 3 o clock. He had probably dozed off.


As she kept tossing from side to side she thought of what she actually wanted from her man, was it the care or just him being there for the family. She thought of how attraction fades in time, when reality hits in- paying bills and school fees. That little boy in the class who was playing with his specs today reminded her of someone she had known, may be it was the smile or the eyes;she couldn’t tell exactly. He came to ask her something and all she could do was smile. These days she was finding him everywhere and the memories of the past would come gushing over like water from a broken dam. She slept somewhere in the middle of the night or early morning and woke up at 6.00 am the following morning running between the kitchen and the bathroom to get the food and her son ready in time. As she walked out of the lift today she saw the same person she had seen yesterday but he was turning the other side as usual in a blue shirt with flower prints, talking on the phone. His girlfriend/wife would have had a real interest in flowers. She could smell his perfume from a distance,she smiled and started walking towards her cabin. She knew it was going to be a good day.

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