He and she..


He sat there working late swiping his sweat in the AC room, he still had to finish a lot of work pending from forever. Arya his younger brother had become a father and all the arrangements for the party was on his shoulders. He had so less time and so much to do, he had to clear the payments by the end of this month. All he needed was an assistant who could solve all his problems. But that wouldn’t be possible at this hour of night, he wished a cup of coffee but his wife would have been snoring by now. It wouldn’t be wise to wake her up considering she needs to wake up early to cook and send children to school the next day. He thought of the lady who stood in the lift when he entered the lift today, she was looking down at her chappals which was so well decorated with mirrors and tassels. He could not read her face well, as she didn’t show much emotions. As the lift reached the ground floor he walked left and she to the right. Somehow he could not stop thinking of her unreadable expressions.

She …

She could not sleep today, she was tossing on her bed right to left and left to right. After putting everybody to sleep, she found herself so lonely. She had to wake up early and cook breakfast and lunch by 7 o clock. She was just planning tomorrow’s dinner when her son’s hand cuddled her in sleep. She softly removed his hands and drifted to her thoughts. She remembered this morning standing in the lift when someone had walked in, he was wearing a colourful shirt with jeans. She could see his arms in the half shirt he was wearing. The shirt had the havanna theme, may be this is what you call a summer shirt, she thought. He was wearing dark brown shoes, he was so fit and had a unique smell to him. He looked so calm and composed as he stood there, staring at the lift door.He got down the lift and walked left and she walked right towards her car. She could not let go of the fragrance she had inhaled in the lift.

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