She and he … chapter 4


She was just coming back from her lecture when she was asked to report to her boss. She knew something had gone wrong because generally the meetings happen only on fixed appointments. She fixed her hair which is mostly unkept and untidy and ran towards his office. His office was on the fifth floor in the end of the hallway. She walked the corridor which was filled with art of different genres, specially she liked the one in which the women stands facing the blue sea. You can’t see the women’s face in the picture but you know the depth of her feelings by looking at the waves of the sea. She always imagined herself in that painting, free and alone. She knocked the door and walked in, he was standing sideways. His cuffs were folded till his arms which was his usual style. He was wearing the black plain shirt with the loosened tie and she could hardly take her eyes off his arms which exposed his tight muscles and the green nerves. She was lost in her thoughts and he suddenly came in front of her and rested his hands on the table, taking the pencil from her hand but hardly touching her fingers. He asked her about the status of the recent projects that she had taken up. She wanted to take some notes as he was talking, wondering wether to ask her pencil back or not. She thought better to take mental notes when her boss reading her mind, passed the pencil to her. She kept writing knowing that he might be looking at her,what was he looking at? Was her dress fine, was her hair fine? She was getting uncomfortable when her boss ended the meeting suddenly. Since it wad just the time for lunch she walked straight to the cafeteria, opening her message and there was an status update.


He dropped the kids and unrolled his windows, the weather was so romantic. He stopped his car for a smoke, as he flipped his messages. He saw an status update, he had saved her number last month. It wasn’t easy to get her number at first, he had managed it somehow but he hadn’t hoped to call or message. Just for the sake of having it with him, he had saved it. But today seemed a different day, he could not believe there was an update related to his status. He could not believe it was for him and to know that it was for him, there was only one way- he had to update another.

He wrote:

“Tamanna nahi tujhe Paane ki par khona bhi nahi chahte ”

He went home with the thoughts of her flooding in his mind, he went for bath and asked a towel from his wife. As his wife passed it with half the door open, something came to his mind and he held her soft hands and pulled it towards him with full force. He stared at her for long the way she had always been for him was something he always admired in her and he held her closer but something kept flashing in his mind and he could not ignore those flashes. He had sweat beads on his forehead and his heart was thumping with the speed of a race car. He did not understand what just happened, he wore his shirt and jeans and rushed out of the house without eating his breakfast.

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